Early Morning Walks

On my days off from work, to give me that initial “oomph” and wake up, I’ll throw something comfy on and take a short walk around the neighborhood. Lo and behold, that walk inspired me to do a still life study, and this is the result. 

This was literally a piece made by thinking through finding. I went out picking leaves to be the base of my future subject. Upon returning home, I rummaged through the fridge to find some juicy fruit to paint. Setting it all up and putting it together is always my favorite part of still life drawing. The lighting was fairly low which helped the ambiance of my subject.  The colors of the grapes and the dish were gorgeously illuminated by the lamp behind it and I had to capture it. I get to control what’s drawn, I control the composition, and I gt to keep or omit things. Why? Because I’m the artist, that’s why!

Working on this image reminded me on why I love pastels so much.

9 x 12in pastel on Strathmore paper.

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