About Me

Two decades and one year ago, there was a child born named “Melquea”.

What an eccentric child she was! Little her family know that the years following her growth would be papers strewn about, pens and pencils and broken crayons coating the floor, and a little jealousy on the side due to her older sister’s pristine, beautiful crayons that the girl longed to snap against her fingers.

…Funny how some things turn out.

about me.jpg

Well hello there! If you haven’t guessed, my name is Melquea and I’m glad you made it to my humble page! I am a twenty one year old Art student with a concentration of Multimedia Design. Besides artwork, I have a smorgasbord of interests that involve video games, cosplay, Japanese language and culture, animated movies, and trying new things. My passion is animation and illustration. My biggest dream is to have my name in the credits of an animated movie. I enjoy toying with different mediums, however, my roots started with watercolor and colored pencil. I’ve worked with digital media, graphite, pastel, ink, charcoal, and I can’t wait to add more things to my list. I attend school full time and work part time and I enjoy every bit of it!

Artistically, going with the flow is all a part of my journey. I love taking in new information, seeing new things, being challenged!

I embrace experimentation.